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Better Writing Habits: A 31-Day Makeover Challenge

Would you like to make 2011 your most productive writing year yet?

Writing is about art and craft, but it’s also about discipline.

Establishing good habits early in your writing journey can help put you on the road to success, and minimize the detours you take getting there.

Better Writing Habits: Make Over Your Writing in 31 Days

Over the past six months, Jennifer Blanchard of Procrastinating Writers and I have been collaborating on a project which will help you take your current writing habits to the next level.

It’s called Better Writing Habits: Make Over Your Writing in 31 Days, and it will begin in the new year (can you believe that’s just six weeks away?).

Between January 1st and 31st, 2011, Better Writing Habits will feature daily articles written by either Jennifer or me. Some of the topics I’ll be covering are:

Whether you’re serious about writing or just getting started, this challenge is for you.

You can pre-subscribe to updates via email, and join the Better Writing Habits Facebook Fan Page.

This challenge is free to all writers, so please pass along the link to others between now and the end of December.

We look forward to connecting with you there in the new year!