Write It Sideways

No Time to Write? 5 Ways to Keep Your Muse Alive

I’d like to share a personal story with you about how I spent the weekend. It involved dirty diapers, late nights, and a lot of crying.

You see, on December 7th, I gave birth to my second son.

Because I knew I’d be spending a few days in the hospital, I thought I’d get smart and queue up a week’s worth of articles to post automatically in my absence.

I had it all figured out: by the time the posts ran out, I’d be home and have plenty of time to write more articles while my newborn would quietly nap.

Yeah. Right.

Let’s just say I haven’t been near my computer since we returned home from the hospital. I have dark circles under my eyes. My head hurts. I’m sleep deprived.

Right now, my baby is giving me my first moment off duty for the day. And, instead of luxuriating in a hot shower or getting my husband to give me a well-deserved foot rub, I’m here with the laptop trying in vain to get my creative juices flowing.

Some of you may be in the same position. You want to write, but you have no time.

Here are 5 ways I plan to keep my muse alive when I have no significant time for writing:

  1. Read Books: You can feed a baby with one hand and hold a book in the other. No problem. It’s the perfect time to get through that ever growing must-read list.
  2. Watch Movies: When your brain feels like mush, there’s nothing better than watching a movie. It requires little brain power to take them in, and they can provide you with fodder for future stories.
  3. Mentally Compost: Even if you don’t have time to write a story, there’s no excuse for not having time to think one up. Or, if you’ve already got one on the go, spend time thinking of your next few chapters.
  4. Keep a Journal: Jotting down a few key ideas or interesting things that happen during your day can always provide you with writing material for a later date.
  5. Write for Just 10 Minutes: You might not have time to sit down for a marathon writing session, but what about 10 minutes? It might be first thing in the morning, or last thing before bed.

What circumstances prevent you from writing? Do you have any tips on how you keep your creative juices from drying up?