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Should You Make Your Children’s Book Into A Series?

Today’s post comes from Fiona Ingram,  who began her career as a children’s author with a family trip to Egypt. The short story she intended to write for her two nephews (who had accompanied her) turned into a book, and subsequently into plans for a series.

Developing a children’s series is both rewarding and taxing for the author, and possibly gratefully welcomed by parents whose children suddenly discover a hero they can relate to and whose actions keep them riveted. Isn’t it wonderful when a child begs, nay, commands his or her parents to go out and buy the next in a favorite series because they ‘absolutely have to know’ what is going to happen next. There are many children’s series currently on the market and perhaps many adults are reading them as well as their children.

Developing a children’s series is not an exact science and not a guaranteed road to writing success.

Perhaps writers shouldn’t set out to ‘create’ a series but rather let an original good story develop, allowing the characters and plot potential to determine the end result.

Editor’s Note:  Would you consider writing a series, either for children or adults? Why or why not?

Read more about Fiona and her middle grade adventure novel The Secret of the Sacred Scarab by visiting FionaIngram.com or Secretofthesacredscarab.com.