Write It Sideways

The #1 Reason You’ll Never Finish Writing Your Novel

Feeling frustrated at how long it’s taking to write your novel–especially that all-important first draft?

Some writers can bang out a novel in a manner of weeks, but for most of us, it’s a long and arduous task.

If you find the process taking longer than you want, and you’re beginning to lose motivation to finish, consider if you’re making any of the following choices that affect your writing:

What do these 5 behaviours have in common? What is the #1 reason you’ll never finish writing your novel?

You Aren’t Actually Writing

Making corrections isn’t writing. Conducting research isn’t writing. Re-reading, criticizing and tinkering aren’t actually writing. The ugly truth is that you’re actually procrastinating.

If you’re engaging in these 5 behaviours, you’ve become your own worst enemy. You’re not allowing yourself to move on. You’re not letting yourself get the first draft written.

And (at the risk of sounding obvious) if you don’t write, you can’t finish your novel.

How to Get it Written

Don’t get in the way of your own success. Follow these tips to help you get back on the road to finishing your book:

If you’ve committed to writing a novel this year, quit procrastinating and get it written.

In what ways do you prevent yourself from writing? What other tips to you have to share for finishing a novel?