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The First Ever Write It Sideways Blogging Contest!

***Entries are now closed for the contest. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Let’s try something different.

I’ve been thinking about all you amazing readers here at Write it Sideways, and wondering how I can involve you more in what happens on the blog. How can I show my appreciation for those of you who take time to read, post comments, critique other writers’ work, subscribe to newsletters, share my blog via Twitter and Facebook, and give me a constant source of encouragement?

The First Ever Write It Sideways Blogging Contest

What I propose is a contest in which you’re invited to submit an article to be posted on Write It Sideways.

Some of you have blogs of your own, and some don’t. Some of you are well-known online or in print media (magazines, newspapers, journals, anthologies, book-length fiction/nonfiction), and some of you have little writing experience at all.

So, we’ll have two categories:

  1. Experienced Bloggers/Writers: You’ll be considered ‘experienced’ if you have a blog of your own with greater than 500 subscribers, or if you’ve published more than three guest articles on other blogs, or if you’re traditionally published in print media.
  2. New Bloggers/Writers: You’ll be placed in this category if you don’t have a blog of your own, or if your blog has an audience of fewer than 500 subscribers, or if you’ve published fewer than three guest articles online and are not traditionally published in print media.

Categorizing posts in this way will ensure a level playing field for those who enter.

*Note: By ‘guest article,’ I mean an article you have written for a blog which does not belong to you in whole or in part. It has been published on that blog with credit given to you, and you may or may not have been paid for your work.

What You Could Win

I’ll choose the finalists from each category to appear on Write It Sideways, then I’ll put together a post with links to each article, and the rest of us will cast our votes for our favourites.

As a grand prize winner, you’ll receive:

There will be one grand prize winner per category.

As a finalist, you will:

And hey, if you’re not a finalist, you can always pitch your completed guest post to any number of other writing blogs.

Conditions of Contest

Submission Guidelines

Example 1: “I do not have a personal blog or website, and I have never written a guest article for the web or been published in print media.”

Example 2: “I have a blog with 250 subscribers, and I have written two guest posts for Blog A and Blog B.”

Example 3: “I have a blog with over 1800 subscribers, and I’ve written more than 30 guest posts for blogs such as Write to Done, Storyfix, Men with Pens, Zen Family Habits, and Women on Writing.”

Example 4: “I  don’t have a personal blog or website, and have never written an article for the web, but my fiction/creative non-fiction/article has appeared in Magazine A, Newspaper B, and Journal C.”

Criteria to Determine Finalists

How will I decide which articles will be finalists and be published on Write It Sideways?

Remember, after all the finalists have been published, you—the readers of Write It Sideways—will determine the grand prize winners.

Tips to Help You Write a Winning Blog Post

Wonder what makes a great blog post that’s sure to catch readers’ attention? Check out some of these articles for inspiration:

Questions about the contest?

Please feel free to ask in the comments section below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!