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What Are Your All-Time Favourite Poems?

I’ve been wanting to write a post about poetry for a very long time.

In my early teens, I filled notebook upon notebook with the most awful verses. Of course, like any other angst-filled and self-indulgent teenager, I thought they were rather good.

During my university studies I fell in love with a choice few poets, although I stopped writing my own poems like I had in my younger days.

Now, nearly ten years after finishing university, I rarely even read poetry.

What happened?

To be honest, because it’s so subjective, I think I only really enjoy poetry when I’m studying it. It’s difficult for me to say what makes a poem good or bad without delving into a number of areas.

Plus, I can now fully admit that I’m no poet. No sir.

However, the following are my personal criteria for enjoying a poem:

Poems I Will Always Love

Most of us writers have a handful of poems that have made a difference in our lives, if only because they are forever emblazoned in our memories.

The following are poems I studied at the university level, and which have meant a lot to me through the years:

If you don’t already know these, I highly recommend you read them.

Do you write poetry? What do you think makes a poem good or bad?

What are your personal favourites, and why?