Write It Sideways

Write It Sideways Happenings, July 2010

A Brief Holiday

As of next week (and after a number of ridiculously long flights), I’ll be overseas, visiting family and friends I haven’t seen in two years.

You can imagine how much I’m looking forward to six weeks in my homeland, Canada, which is why I’m sure you’ll forgive any posting oddities between now and the end of August.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not ditching Write It Sideways for the duration of my holiday. I have a couple of wonderful guest posters lined up for you, more excerpts planned for critiquing, and some other articles I think you’ll find very helpful.

I’ll even keep you updated with pictures and any cool stuff that happens while I’m in the great northern wilds–like if I get attacked by a bear during a late-night weenie roast by the lake.

Call for Peer-Critique Excerpts

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll post a notice about opening my inbox for more 250-word excerpts to be posted on the blog for critique.

Last time, I requested YA or adult fantasy, literary, or mystery. The author of the first critique got some great feedback

This time, I’ll ask for women’s fiction, science fiction, and romance. So, start polishing those excerpts.

Details on how and when to submit coming soon.

Call for Guest Posts

Want to help me out, and see one of your articles on Write It Sideways?

Now’s a great time to shoot me a guest post. The guidelines are here, but if you’re confused by anything, send me a note and we’ll sort it out.


Writer Unboxed Guest Post

Earlier this year, I made it to the round of finalists in the search for a new contributor at Writer Unboxed, a blog written by a number of novelists and publishing professionals.

Because I made it to the finals, I’ve been invited to guest post for WU twice a year.

You’ll find my first post there on July 18th, so please drop by to check it out.

Enjoy your weekend!