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I have a confession to make:

Even though I’ve been writing since I was a kid, and even though I’ve written about the benefits of this particular tool in the past, for many years now I have largely ignored my own advice.

It’s a writing tool suitable for everyone, regardless of skill. It takes very little investment of time or money. It’s readily available and portable.

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m talking about the humble journal.

And now you’re thinking, “Um . . . duh.” But bear with me.

By “journal,” what I don’t mean is Dear Diary, Today I met the dreamiest of boys!

A journal, yes, can reflect on life events, but it can also reflect on a book we’re reading or on a spiritual conviction. It can be as unstructured as free-writing to a prompt, as structured as a to-do list, as creative as a poem, or as mixed-up as a combination of any of these things.

Really, a journal can be anything you want it to be.

While I’ve always kept a computer file with story ideas and snippets of writing that come to me in moments of inspiration, I haven’t kept a journal, as such, since high school.

Misconceptions about Keeping a Journal

Using a journal may be the most obvious writing advice ever, because it’s usually the first writing advice we receive.

But it’s precisely because this is such a simple and often-recommended strategy that we erroneously perceive the journal to be a beginner’s tool. We see our kids keeping journals at school as part of the curriculum, and we think we’re above it, or that it’s boring because we, ourselves, were forced to do it in school. We’ve so often been taught that reflection and practice are good for us, maybe we’ve just stopped listening. And maybe that’s because we see these things as a duty rather than a delight. click to continue reading >>


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