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***Please note that I do not respond to guest post requests from writers promoting sites such as or, or any other similar website. 

  1. Check the Content and Style Guide below to make sure your article is consistent with this site.
  2. Send your article to me via email, attaching the article as a plain text attachment, formatted as HTML. Please also paste your article into the email itself to allow me to review it quickly.
  3. Unsure about step 2?  Follow the How to Submit Guest Posts in HTML Using WordPress tutorial.

Content and Style Guide

I’m committed to running original, well-crafted, engaging articles on fiction, non-fiction, publishing, productivity, editing, and language.

While I appreciate the time and effort that goes into every submission, your chances of acceptance greatly improve if you keep the following in mind:

  • Follow the guidelines posted below
  • Review recent posts so you don’t duplicate a topic
  • Give your article an attention-grabbing headline
  • Submit an article that hasn’t been previously published elsewhere (including your personal blog)
  • Refrain from using affiliate links in your article and byline

Please note, I am unable to accept an article until I have read it in full. Please feel free to send a pitch first, but I cannot guarantee acceptance until I have seen the completed article.

  • Introduction: Please introduce posts with at least a couple of paragraphs to hook readers’ attention.
  • Readability: Break up long paragraphs into shorter chunks, and use subheadings and lists where appropriate.
  • Headers: Please use the style Heading 2 (in the WordPress editor) for all subheadings.
  • Lists: Bullets and automatically numbered lists are good, but you are free to manually number lists if needed.
  • Word Count: Articles should be a minimum of 500 words, with a preferred length of 500-1000 words.
  • Spacing: Please use only one space after punctuation.
  • Images: You are free to suggest an image for your post by sending me a link, but I may or may not use your selection. Licensing is a key consideration for images.
  • Titles: Give your contribution an eye-catching and relevant title.
  • Byline: Please send a short byline describing who you are and linking to your website, RSS feed, Twitter and/or book. This will appear at the end of your article. No affiliate links, please.
  • Editing: If accepted, I’ll edit your submission for spelling, grammar, and concise language. I may also change your headline and formatting if necessary.
  • Plain Text Only: Please do not send your article in Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice formatted attachments. Due to the excessive time (and frustration!) required to re-format these documents into WordPress, I am not able to accept documents in formats other than plain text.
  • For Extra Bonus Points: While not essential, if you send a plain text file with the HTML of your WordPress article, I would be grateful. This makes previewing the post online so much easier Please see this tutorial: How to Submit Guest Posts in HTML Using WordPress.

Remember, if you have any questions at all, please email me using the Contact Page.