• http://mzmackay.wordpress.com The Author-In-Training

    I have joined an online critique community called Scribophile (www.scribophile.com). There all members are encouraged to critique before they are able to post their own pieces. Also, the members must maintain a specifice number of “karma” points to be able to continue posting their work to receive critique.

    They are a rather friendly and welcoming bunch over there. Plus, the site is continually improving it’s interfaces so posting, and critiquing become easier and easier. Registration is free, but if you wish to post more than two pieces, and have other functionalities (such as private messaging, etc.) there is an annual fee. Despite the fee, the feedback and support has been very helpful to me.

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah

      Sounds like a great resource–thanks for sharing!

  • Anonymous

    You mention that you wouldn’t be much help to a sci-fi/fantasy writer…on the contrary, I think your input would be invaluable. Genre authors have a lot to learn from literary authors. The more inter-genre input the better. Great post.

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah

      Thanks! I suppose I could be helpful in terms of prose, but what I meant is I have no experience reading sci-fi or fantasy, so I’m completely ignorant of what’s expected from the genre.

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  • Anonymous

    I actually joined Critique Circle several years ago and am still a member. I’ve found some fantastic crit partners who have really helped my writing improve, and it’s nice to have other writers to chat and commiserate with. I highly recommend joining one of those groups!

  • http://www.lydiasharp.blogspot.com/ LydiaSharp

    I can honestly say I would be *nowhere* right now without my online critique partners.

  • http://bravebluewords.com/ Danielle Meitiv

    I am par of an informal writing trio. at the moment, we’ve slacked off on the exchange of work to crit but are always there for moral support, which is as important as anything else.

    But writing groups are not the subject of my comment. As I have been meaning to tell you, I subscribe to many writing bogs and newsletters, but Write It Sideways is the ONLY one I read as soon as it arrives in my inbox. The content is always interesting, often of the exactly-what-I-needed-to-hear variety, and the length is just right. Thank you and keep up the fabulous work!

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah

      Danielle, thanks so much for your comments! I’m honoured. It’s always encouraging to hear my articles are helping people, so thanks for sharing :)

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