• http://annerallen.blogspot.com Anne R. Allen

    This sounds like an exciting new magazine! Novel writers shouldn’t neglect the shorter form, so it’s great to have a new venue for short stories and poetry. So many literary magazines come from the print/old-school academic world. It’s great to see one springing from the vibrant world of the blogosphere. I’ll spread the word.
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    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Anne, thank you so much for helping spread the word! I agree that writers today are missing a golden opportunity if they don’t bother with short pieces.

  • http://www.coloryourlifepublished.com Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.

    Congratulations on your upcoming journal. It’s an ambitious and worthy project.

    It’s my pleasure to help spread the word.
    Read Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.´s last article ..Are You a Lunatic to Think Your Headlines Should Be Tweet-Worthy?

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Thanks, Flora!

  • http://www.pure-text.net Lauren @ Pure Text

    I have to say, I love the name, and the font used for the header. It’s simple and clean.

    Anyway, I’ve shared this link on my networks and even applied for a position!

    I wish you luck on this endeavor!

    If I don’t get the position, I’ll certainly submit in the future. :)

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Lauren, thank you so much for your interest! I love the name, too, but if you only knew how agonizing the decision was… Glad to be moving past names and on to implementation.

  • http://khaulamazhar.wordpress.com khaula mazhar

    Exciting! Would love to edit, proof read and submit here. Now I need to go buy some chocolate to bribe you with 😉
    Read khaula mazhar´s last article ..It’s Always a Good Time

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      No chocolate necessary, Khaula…just plain good writing! Glad you’re excited about the journal.

  • http://laterbloomer.com Debra Eve

    What exciting news, Suzannah! I can’t think of a person better suited to do this than you. Looking forward to the first issue.
    Read Debra Eve´s last article ..Julia Margaret Cameron on Failing in the Dark

  • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

    Aww, thanks, Debra! I’m just glad to be putting this in place after wanting to do it for so long.

  • Stephanie Gonzaga

    Hi, Suzannah! Congratulations and I wish you and the team behind Compose all the best. Looking forward to the inaugural issue. :)

    I’d love to be able to contribute to the poetry section of the journal. Do you have guidelines or restrictions (e.g. location) other than what’s stated the Editorial Guidelines for Fiction/Poetry submissions?
    Read Stephanie Gonzaga´s last article ..The Tools of the Trade: How I Deliver Quality Content Quickly and Efficiently

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Many thanks, Stephanie! There are no restrictions on types of poetry or on the location of the submitter.

  • http://www.dietriffic.com Melanie Thomassian

    Seconding what others are saying, Suzannah, really love the name, and know just how difficult that must have been to settle on. Very exciting news indeed. Wishing you all the best with that, too.
    Read Melanie Thomassian´s last article ..3 Effective Tools For Weight Loss Success

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Melanie, thank you so much for your kind thoughts. Naming the journal was about as difficult as naming my children, to be honest!

  • http://christicraig.com Christi Craig (@Christi_Craig)

    Very exciting, Suzannah! I’ll spread the word. I can’t wait to see the first issue!
    Read Christi Craig (@Christi_Craig)´s last article ..A Book Recommendation & Guest: Patricia Ann McNair

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Thank you for letting others know, Christi! I appreciate that very much.

  • http://knowsprose.com Cassie B.

    Wow! This is a super ambitious project, and I think it’s great that you make your dedication to it so clear. (Some people kind of just try to throw a literary journal out there; it’s nice to see you’ve already got your inaugural issue so well planned out.) I’ll post this at the absolute write forum. Lots of writers there always looking for a place to sub there work. Best of luck!
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    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Cassie, you’re so right about people just throwing together a lit mag and expecting it to go places. I’ve been very conscious about NOT doing that, which is why I wanted to privately solicit most of the work for the first issue.

      Thank you so much for offering to post this at the AW forum! I really hope writers there do submit and express interest in the editorial positions.

  • http://FromMyNovel.blogspot.com Julie Clark

    What an excellent idea, can’t wait to see more and watch the site grow! Much success to all involved!
    Read Julie Clark´s last article ..How to be a freelance writer

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Thanks, Julie!

  • http://mkinnel.com Melissa Kinnel

    So exciting!! Can’t wait until the first issue!
    Read Melissa Kinnel´s last article ..“Love Finale”

    • http://writeitsideways.com Suzannah Windsor Freeman

      Melissa, I’m super excited, too!

  • Krissy Cabeen

    Congrats, Suzannah! This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to see the first issue!

  • Laura

    I wonder if spanish speaking contributors are welcoming or not yet. I am a literature teacher but my proficiency of english language is not good enough to work in that language. Thanks in advance.

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