Video Book-Coaching Session with Jennie Nash

I’m so excited today to be able to share with you this 30-minute video session with book coach Jennie Nash, and to be part of a special offer she’s extending to readers of Write It Sideways: a free week’s trial of her new book-coaching program, Author Accelerator. Jennie and I first connected years ago when […]

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Sorry! Why I Didn’t Answer Your Email

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So, the other day I mentioned to my hubby—who is also my technical guru—that one of the online forms at Compose didn’t seem to be working. As he prodded into both of my sites, he also discovered a glitch in the contact form at Write It Sideways. In fact, there were hundreds of email messages I hadn’t received from […]

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Stop Asking Yourself If You Have Writing Talent

Today, I’m over at the award-winning blog Writer Unboxed to discuss writing talent and whether or not it’s an innate ability or a skill to be developed. Here’s a short excerpt of the post, “Do I Have Writing Talent?” You’re Asking the Wrong Question: Hemingway. Austen. Dickens. Woolf. Carver. We know these names well, these masters of […]

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Make NaNoWriMo the Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Today’s post is written by Amanda L. Barbara. For writers just cooling down from NaNoWriMo, it’s tempting to lose steam as the holidays approach. Your weekend calendar is filling up with parties and family get-togethers, and you probably feel like you deserve a victory lap after a month of such high productivity. But whether or not […]

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When Fear Is a Good Thing for Your Writing

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Today’s article is written by regular contributor Christi Craig. The summer I turned fifteen, my father came into possession of a used Vespa: shiny, red, and in excellent shape. It sat in the garage for weeks at first, and I imagined myself taking it out, sitting on the leather seat a few times with the kickstand […]

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How to Create a Three-Phase Writing Ritual

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Today’s post is written by regular contributor Debra Eve. Literature abounds with the quirky things writers do to entice the muse. Victor Hugo wrote in the nude so he wouldn’t leave the house. Philip Pullman writes only in ballpoint pen on lined A4 paper with two holes in it. Maya Angelou checks into a hotel […]

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