Write It Sideways

Winners of The Write It Sideways Blogging Contest

The results are in.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered The First Ever Write It Sideways Blogging Contest, to all eight finalists for their wonderful articles, and to the two writers who received the most votes for their pieces.

And if you took the time to vote, thank you for that as well!

Because all of the articles were well-written, informative, and attention-grabbing, votes generally end up going toward whichever articles are timely for particular readers.


For example, if I’m feeling completely unproductive, a post about how to get myself in gear will be timely. If the first draft of my novel is in ruins, tips on how to fix it will be most welcome.

The articles voters deemed most timely and useful to them are:

Congratulations to both grand prize winners! Erika and Ashley will receive:

I’ll be in touch with both winners very soon to discuss their prizes.

Thanks again to everyone for making this contest possible, and I look forward to running others in the future!